Week #1/2 – Earning Money

Introduction: Have you thought about what type of career you would like to embark on?  College or no college? Start a business? Become an entrepreneur? Cook in a restaurant or cut grass?  The choices we make in life dictate what type of lifestyle you will lead. Planning for a future, having goals, and working towards them will help you achieve success.  However, before embarking on a career, shouldn’t you learn a little more which jobs may or may not be available in the next 10 to 15 years? How much do the jobs pay? Are the jobs in demand? 

Day 1 – Denzel Washington – Life Advice Will Change Your Future
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M99NCxR0a-Q – Video will play to 8:45
Type 1 – Pick one of the four points Denzel Washington makes.  Explain why you chose 1, 2, 3, or 4. What points did Denzel make that grabbed your attention?  Write key words and main ideas to help summarize the point. Be sure to title the topic chosen. Once finished, students will participate in a Think/Pair/Share activity and complete a Sticky Note to share what they learned.

Day 2/3 – Jobs of the Future & Disappearing Jobs
https://youtu.be/6gUrMGnvcfQ – 15 Jobs That Will Thrive in the Future (Despite A.I.)
https://youtu.be/r211u89eUaY – 15 Jobs That Will Disappear in the Next 20 Years Due To A.I.
Complete the Job Graphic Organizer to get a better idea of what jobs will and will not be available when you enter the workforce.  You may be surprised by what you learn!

Day 4 – CareerOneStop – Research the Job Market
Fastest-Growing Careers –
Click the link and compare/contrast 10 different careers you might be interested in.  Use the Fastest-Growing Careers graphic organizer to compile data and facts about each career. 

Day 5 – CareerOneStop – Jobs Available Now!
Careers with Most Openings –
Click the link and compare/contrast 10 different careers available now.  Use the Careers with Most Openings graphic organizer to compile data and facts about each career.

Day 6 – CareerOneStop – Disappearing Jobs!
Careers with Declining Employment –
Click the link and identify 10 different that are disappearing and may no longer be available when you enter the work force.  Use the Careers with Declining Employment graphic organizer to compile data and facts about each career.

Day 7/8/9 – Let’s Build a Google Slide
What have you learned during thus far about careers and what your future may look like?  Build a Google Slide presentation to showcase some of what you’ve learned.  Incorporate the themes learned from Day 2 through Day 6.  Follow the directions in the Google Slides rubric.