The 6th Grade WIN Social Studies program is delivered in two parts. During the 1st and 2nd marking periods, students will choose a country in the world and research its history, economics, culture, government, and geography. Students will use Ellis graphic organizers and Collins Writing to conduct and organize research. In addition, students will then choose from four different projects to display their research: Bare Book, Google Site, Google Slide, or Game.

Marking periods 3 and 4 will present a new curriculum to KMS… Personal Finance. Students will research various topics such as Earning Money, Investing Money, The Stock Market, Budgeting, and Banking & Taxes. A series of mini-projects will be constructed to showcase each student’s new found knowledge and understanding.

Scroll over the WIN button to access either Country Research or the Personal Finance curriculums. In addition, be sure to check out completed student projects by clicking the Projects dropdown.