Hurricane Project Rubric – Part I

  • Project Due Date – Part I: Monday, October 15
  • Project Due Date – Part II: Wednesday, October 24


Hurricane Projection Map Project Resource Center

If you’ve made it to this web page, you’ve stumbled across the #1 resource spot to help you meet deadlines, access paperwork, and find research for the project!  Be sure to utilize the web page to your advantage.

Part I

  • Use the checklist provided by Mr. Reggio – Projection Map Checklist
  • Reference the maps on the back of the checklist
  • Manage time accordingly in and outside of class
  • Let the quality of your work speak for itself!
  • Be aware of the due date

Part II

  • Select a hurricane to research from the “Hurricanes – Pattern Maps & History” link below
  • Get a copy of the graphic organizer, Collins Type 3, and works cited graphic organizer (all linked below)
  • Read and understand the directions of each document
  • Start with selecting two parts of HECGG to connect to the selected hurricane (History and Economics are always popular choices)
  • Print 3 articles from the web that provides statistics, details, and information connecting to the 2 parts of HECGG and your selected hurricane
  • Read and highlight information.  Highlighted information will be placed in the graphic organizer
  • Construct the Works Cited
  • Write the Collins Type 3 using the completed research graphic organizer
  • Plot the hurricane path on your map.  Be sure to add 7 hurricane symbols.  In addition, add longitude and latitude
  • Follow directions for typing the essay
  • Use the Part II rubric to tie the entire project together
  • Be aware of the due date

Web Links to Hurricane Information – Guided Research
Hurricanes – Pattern Maps & History

Weather Whiz Kids – What is a hurricane?
Hurricane Facts, Information, & Videos – National Geographic
Hurricanes – Being Prepared
Cool Facts & Tips on Hurricanes

Project Paperwork
Hurricane Project Rubric – Part I
Hurricane Project Rubric Part II
Hurricane Research Graphic Organizer
Type 3 Hurricanes
Works Cited Format

Hurricane Symbol – Copy and paste the symbol below into a word document.  Resize the symbol in the word document and copy/paste the symbol within the word document 7 times.  Next, print!