Google Sites Project
Endangered Animals of the World

Overview: Over the last few weeks of school, students in Mr. Reggio’s 6/9 classes will be researching an endangerd animal of the world.  Use the link below to help research and gather information on an endangered animal of choice.  Next, students will use the tools and resources provided to showcase their research through a Google Site.

Checklist/Rubric/Graphic Organizer/Collins Type 3


World Wildlife Foundation – List of Endangered Animals
What are the most endangered animals in the world? – BBC News
Endangered Species – Animal Planet

Due Date: Thursday, June 14

Period 6
Lachlan A. – King Cobra
Alex B. – Asian Elephant
Mary C. – Black Spider Monkey
Sophia C. – Sea Turtle
Julian C. – Chimpanzee
Colin D. – Red Wolf
Kaede F. – Three-Toed Sloth
Yiannis H. – Black Rhino
Emma H. – Sloth
Alexis K. – Indochinese Tiger
Park K. – Orangutan
Elle K. – Black-Footed Ferret
Mac L. – Bengal Tiger
Maia L. – Chimpanzee
Anahi L. – Chimpanzee
Mia M. – Mountain Gorilla
Saydie M. – Siberian Tiger
Elle M. – Snow Leopard
Alec M. – Bengal Tiger
Luke M. – African Wild Dog
Owen O. – Cheetah
Claire P. – Amur Leopard
Ben S. – African Wild Dog
Tate S. – Bonobos
Paige S. – Arctic Fox
Kaitlyn S. – Sumatran Elephant
Cara S. – Amur Tiger


Period 9
Will A. – Amur Leopard
Nate B. – Malayan Tiger
Jack C. – Snow Leopard
Paulien D. – The Ethiopian Wolf
Taylor F. – Blue Whale
Clare F. – Poison Dart Frog
Charles G.  Jaguar
Julia H. – Sea Lion
Michaela H. – Arctic Fox
Kyley H. – Hippopotamus
Emily I. – Snow Leopard
Kailey K. – Bonobo
Jackson K. – Bengal Tiger
Hayley K. – Irrawaddy Dolphin
Emily L. – Polar Bear
Ryan M. – Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Sarah M. – Yangtze Fin-less Porpoise
Rowyn N. – Komodo Dragon
Graham O. – African Wild Dog
Michael P. – Snow Leopard
Annalize R. – African Elephant
Alec S. – Green Turtle
Molly S. – Snow Leopard
Sierra T. – Green Turtle
Ian T. – Giant Panda
Julia T. – Sumatran Tiger
Cossette W. – Beluga
Emerson W. – Chimpanzee