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Africa is a continent full of history, challenges, and a bright future.  However, many countries on the continent struggle with traditional beliefs, the everlasting impact of slavery, corrupt governments, and the challenge of water.  Below is a list of possible research topics.  Each student in Mr. Reggio’s Social Studies classes will choose a research topic and create a web page, showcasing their research and knowledge on the chosen topic.

In addition, the Africa Project page will also contain resources, paperwork, and due dates to help aide the process of successfully completing the project.

Web Page Requirements
Research GO

Works Cited Google Sites

Logo/Banner Maker
Fotor – Banner Maker

Project Due Date: Friday, June 5

Student Created Google Sites Web Pages
Mr. Reggio’s student chose various topics related to African challenges and built web pages to showcase their topics.  Click any of the links below to learn more about Africa’s challenges.

4th Period
Joe B. – Measels
Max B. – African Chimpanzee
Cory B. – Rothschild’s Giraffe
Lauren C. – Fennec Fox
Grace F. – African Trypanosomiasis
Colette F. – Black Rhino
Julia H. – Ethiopian Wolf
Taylor H. – HIV
Emma H. – Rhim Gazelle
Alondra H. – Zebra
Michael H. – Grevy’s Zebra
Pilar H. – Sand Cat
Andy L. – African Wild Dog
Samantha M. – HIV/AIDS
Ellie M. – Cheetah
Max M. – African Penguin
Zara Q. – Yellow Fever
Jack R. – Chimpanzee
Emma S. – Malaria
Catt S. – Malaria
Evan S. – African Lion
Daniel S. – Aye Aye
Lauren S. – African Chimpanzee
Sean W. – African Elephant
Josette W. – Meningococacal Meningitis

7th Period

Jason A. – Sand Cat
Amy B. – African Elephant
Danielle B. – Dugong
Paige B. – Barbary Serval
Sarah D. – Ethiopian Wolf
David D. – African Wild Dog
Mia G. – Pygmy Mouse Lemur
Griffin H. – Grevy’s Zebra
Grant K. – Pangolian
Will K. – Ebola
Kiley L. – African Penguin
Ben L. – African Elephant
C.J. M. – African Elephant
Patrick M. – Black Rhino
Katherine M. – HIV/AIDS
Max M. – Giraffe
Nimah N-S – Ringtailed Lemur
Michael N. – Chimpanzee
Zach R. – Ebola
Jenna R. – African Penguin
Jake R. – African Wild Dog
Bridget S. – Cheetah
Maddie S. – Measels
Emma S. – Tuberculosis
Haylie S. – Pygmy Hippo
Swithin S. – Pangolin
Logan S. – Ethiopian Wolf
Julia S. – Guinea Worm
Kayleigh Z. – Malari


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