Welcome to the Travel Itinerary Project student resource page!  This web page will provide a list of due dates, links, downloads, and directions to help guide Honors Social Studies students through the T.I.P!

Have you chosen a country?  Pick a country and remember, you’re working with $10,000 (U.S. dollars).  You will plan a 14 day trip for 2 people.

Due Dates

  1. Excel Spreadsheet: Tuesday, February 14
  2. Collins Writing – Type 3: Tuesday, February 21
  3. Google Slide Presentation: Wednesday, March 1
  4. Class Presentations: Monday, March 6 through Friday, March 10 & March 13/14

Excel Spreadsheet
Click the link below to access a copy of the Excel Spreadsheet (Tab #1), which also provides tips on how to format the Spreadsheet (Tab #2),
along with a blank sheet to get started (Tab #3).
Google Docs – Excel Spreadsheet

Tips & Tricks


Paperwork Links

  1. TIP Directions
  2. Excel Spreadsheet Rubric
  3. Example Excel Spreadsheet
  4. TIP Type 3 – Collins Writing
  5. Google Slides & Presentation Rubric