4th Marking Period – The Dragon Slayer

Posted: Wednesday, May 31
Due: Friday, June 9

Introduction: Dr. Hopkins has led a very distinguished career.  He is the only doctor in the world who can put on his resume that he has been a part of eradicating two diseases on our planet (Small Pox & Guinea Worm).  Dr. Hopkins, with the help of President Jimmy Carter, eradicated Guinea Worm on the continent of Africa improving the lives of millions and generations to come.

Directions: Watch the video posted below.  After watching the video, write Dr. Hopkins a friendly letter.  Be sure to follow the friendly letter format posted below.  Share with Dr. Hopkins all that you’ve learned about him.  In addition, be sure to add what you’ve learned about Africa in general and discuss your aspirations as a student.  Would you consider Dr. Hopkins a “difference maker” in the world?

Value: Students can earn up to 20 points towards their 4th marking period grade.

Video #1The Guinea Worm Slayer – Dr. Hopkins – NY Times

Video #2How Guinea worm disease went from 3 million cases to 126 | Mashable

Friendly Letter Format
Dr. Hopkins Bio
How a Disease With No Cure Has Been Nearly Wiped From the Face of the Earth – Huffington Post
African Worm Disease from Dirty Water Nearly Eradicated, Says Jimmy Carter – CBS News