Friday, February 23

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What happened on this day in HISTORY…

February 21, 1942 – A Japanese submarine shells an oil refinery near Santa Barbara, California, the first Axis bombs to hit American soil.

Famous Birthdays…

February 21, 1883  – Victor Fleming, film director (The Wizard of Oz, Gone With the Wind)


Current Events – Due Friday, March 2
February 16 to March 2

TOPIC: India & Southern Asia – any part of HECGG

Time for Kids – World News Archive
Student News Daily
Tween Tribune – Science Articles
Google News
Junior Scholastic – Username: student – Password: kitesleep6

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Schedule for the Week of  February 19 to February 23

  • Monday – No school.  President’s Day!
  • Tuesday – Project Day!
  • Wednesday – 21-2: India & Its Neighbors: Government
  • Thursday – 21-2: India & Its Neighbors: Government
  • Friday – YOGA with Mrs. Rosle!