Introduction: The Southwest Asia Poster/Brochure Project will help students better understand the cultural differences between the United States and countries within the Southwest Asian culture region.  Students will be conducting research, creating bar graphs and pie charts, and constructing a visual of choice (brochure or poster) to compared the similarities and differences of these two regions.

Resources – Use the links below to complete the research graphic organizer.

– below are links to paperwork used to complete the project.

Southwest Asia Research GO
Bar Graph & Pie Chart GO
Project Lay-Out
Brochure Rubric

Research Dates

  1. Friday, December 7
  2. Tuesday, December 11
  3. Friday, December 14
  4. Monday, December 17
  5. Friday, December 21
  6. Friday, January 4
  7. Monday, January 7
  8. Wednesday, January 9
  9. Friday, January 11
  1. Due Dates
    1. Research Graphic Organizer due Wednesday, December 14.
    2. Completed Research, Graphs, and Noodle Tools – Friday, January 4.
    3. Completed project due Friday, January 11.

Sample Project – 
Below is a sample of what a finished project may look like.  Use the example to help guide you through the process.