Made In Asia…

4149787-made-in-china-labelOver the next several weeks, students in Mr. Reggio’s Social Studies classes will be collecting data to determine the influence of Southern and Southeastern Asia on the United States. Homes will be our focus.

Exactly what percentage of the items in a students home is Made In Southern or Southeastern Asia?

Use the links below to access paperwork for the project.

Links to Paperwork
Made In Asia – Checklist
MIA – Rubric
Data Tables
Writing GO
Made In Video G.O.

Due Dates

  1. Complete the “Home” Data Table by Friday, April 12
  2. Create 1 Pie Chart using the Create A Graph web site – Title/Data/Legend/Source – Due Friday, April 26
  3. Written Type 2 – Due Friday, May 3
  4. Project Due Date: Wednesday, May 8

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Videos For Research

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