Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. & Mohandas Gandhi

KingGandhiOverview: Over the next week, students in Social Studies 6 will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.  Both men had a tremendous impact on the world, and their legacies continue to be carried out today, changing and shaping the way governments create laws and how people from various cultures treat one another.

Directions: After watching the short biographies on Dr. King Jr. and Gandhi, use the Venn Diagram to list important facts about their lives, stating what each man has in common, and what is different about them.  Think about WHY we are comparing the 2 men.  Try to stay away from dates and focus more on the substance of the lifetime achievements and how each man made the world a better place to live.

After completing the Venn Diagram, find one source online that provides additional detail about Dr. King Jr. and Gandhi.  Print the article (from a trusted source), read, and highlight import facts that you want to include in the Venn Diagram.

Once finished, use the Venn Diagram to write a letter.  The letter will be written to Martin Luther King III.  The format for the letter is posted below.  Be sure to use the information posted on this page to help write the letter.

King IIIPaperwork
Dr. King Jr. – Gandhi Venn Diagram
Collins King-Gandhi
Friendly Letter Guidelines
Sample Friendly Letter




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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bio
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