Comparing a Middle Eastern Country to the U.S.A.

Introduction: Over the next several weeks, students will be creating a giant brochure that represents comparisons between the U.S. and a country located in Southwest Asia (Middle East). Students will select one country in the region we’re currently studying in class.  Next, students will use the research graphic organizer to learn more about their country of choice.  Research will compare the U.S.A. to the chosen Southwest Asian country, which will then be displayed with a giant brochure (poster board) through pictures. captions and guided research.

Using a standard sized poster board and folding it in half, use the research graphic organizer and project rubric to construct the giant brochure. The giant brochure must be organized and neatly assembled.

Pictures can be taken from magazines, newspapers, or found and printed through Internet searches/research.

Google Search Tips!

  • Remember… Use quotation marks in searches and be specific in what you’re searching for!
  • If you want to add additional research to the giant brochure, use any of the links posted below!

Dates in Class
Students will be given class time to work on the project and ask for help from Mr. Reggio on the following dates:

  • Thursday, January 2
  • Friday, January 3
  • Tuesday, January 7
  • Friday, January 10
  • Monday, January 13
  • Friday, January 17
  • Tuesday, January 21
  • Wednesday, January 22 – DUE DATE

Links to Helpful Web Sites!

  1. The Human Development Report
  2. If It Were My Home
  3. Nation Master
  4. Visual Geography
  5. CIA World Factbook
  7. Create A Graph
  8. Noodle Tools

Due Dates

  1. Research Graphic Organizer due Wednesday, January 8.
  2. Completed Collage of Cultures poster board due Wednesday, January 22.