Great Research Site/Password – United Streaming
Password: reggiokms

Geography Game Sites

Geography Games
Map Race
The Traveler IQ Challenge
Great Cities of the World
Smarty Pins
Free Rice

Writing Tips

Transitional Words & Phrases


Information & Research Help!
CIA World Factbook
Newspapers of the World
Flags – Symbols and Colors Have Meaning
The New York Times
The Detroit News – Mr. R’s Favorite!
The National Geographic Map Machine
FactCite – Username: kennett – Password: library
Web Path Express


Create A Graph, Pie Chart or Bar Graph!
Create A Graph


Dictionary Help!

Google Docs
Students will also have the opportunity to access Google Docs!  Click the link below to gain access!
Username and password information is listed below.
Password: Birthday – (example – 10202001) month/date/full year
Click here to log into Google Docs