The objectives posted below will help students link classroom learning to the real world.  Each objective has a specific focus, linked to guided research and writing in class.  The long-term goal is to help students communicate the weekly objectives in both verbal and written formats, culminating in a final project presented at the end of each marking period.

  • Week #1 – Students will be able to understand and explain the purpose of a political map.
  • Week #2 – Students will analyze data and statistics to determine whether a country is deemed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world.
  • Week #3 – Students will learn to construct graphs and pie charts to better understand data and how it applies to a particular culture.
  • Week #4 – Students will apply key vocabulary words to data by constructing a glossary, gaining a better understanding of the culture being studied.
  • Week #5 – Students will learn how to cite sources by constructing a Works Cited page, focusing solely on citing web pages.
  • Week #6 – Students will apply research and data to the writing process, using Collins Writing to construct short essays that focus on culture traits connected to their research topic: religion, human and physical features, animals, plants, and natural resources, and the country flag.
  • Week #7 through Week #10 – Students will organize, manage, and construct their final project using a class rubric, tools, and resources.  Google Docs will be integral in the construction of the Book Project.